5 Celebrities Who Fathered Children After 50

Exactly when most by far accomplish their 50s, they start considering the joys of transforming into a grandparent. It incorporates most of the not too bad things about being a parent (taking them out for sweet!) with no of the obligations of having to truly raise them (since that is your children’s action by and by, see?). Regardless, for some enormous names, the 50s is connected to rewinding the clock and acknowledging parenthood again. There are various purposes behind this. Here are 10 famous men who had youths in their 50s and past.


1. David Letterman

The surrendered late night stay individual held up until he was 57 going before he had his first child – Harry – with long haul sweetheart (and now mate) Regina Lasko. When he settled on his decision to leave from TV in 2015, one reason he refered to was an opportunity to contribute more vitality with his kid.

2. Mick Jagger

The lead craftsman of the Rolling Stones has been making babies for around 50 years, with the first being in 1970 when his then-sweetheart Marsha Hunt delivered their daughter Karis. Thusly, he’s had eight children with five remarkable women, including three since turning 50 out of 1993. The most recent development to his family is kid Deveraux Octavian Basil who was imagined in 2016. Here’s an unusual reward fact: Jagger’s first unprecedented granddaughter was considered in 2014, which implies she’s two years more settled than her far off uncle!


3. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas clearly has the force of perceptiveness. As shown by his life partner Katherine Zeta Jones, when they at first met in 1999 he prompted her, “I have to father your children.” At 55, Douglas transformed into a father for the second time with the presentation of Dylan Michael in 2000. They in like manner have a young lady, Carys Zeta, who was imagined in 2003.

4. Jeff Goldblum

While a critical number of the well known individuals who made this summary were just adding to their family, Jeff Goldblum didn’t have his first tyke – youngster Charlie Ocean – until he was 62. He and his better half Emilie Livingston have since had a second kid, River Joe.

5. Billy Joel

Billy Joel is certainly not a first time father (he has an adult young lady Alexa Joel with ex Christie Brinkley), anyway he bounced by and by into parenthood at 66 years of age with the presentation of his daughter Della Rose with life partner Alexis in 2015. Following two years, they had a second young lady, Remy Anne.